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Tips to smokers who are trying to quit

One of the most widely accepted ways to improve health is to not use tobacco. Future health insurance premium costs will almost assuredly be higher for tobacco users. The following Mayo Clinic Health Note offers tips to smokers who are trying to quit on their own. 
Mayo Clinic Health System Health Note:
  •  Are you having trouble kicking the habit?
  • Would you prefer to quit on your own rather than seeking help from a health professional, community program or clinic?
Mayo Clinic offers 10 helpful ways to resist tobacco cravings.
  1. Delay. If you feel like you have a tobacco craving, try distracting yourself for at least 10 minutes.
  2. Don't just 'have one.' It is not realistic to say that you will only have one cigarette.
  3. Avoid triggers. It is important to identify your triggers so the next time you are in a situation you can either avoid them entirely or have a place you can go without tobacco present.
  4. Get physical. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as walking or jogging, can subside your craving.
  5. Practice relaxation techniques. Stress has been found to trigger tobacco use; therefore, it is important to identify relaxation techniques to take the edge off stress.
  6. Call reinforcements. Contact a family member, friend, or support group member for moral support. They can help by distracting you so you have less of a struggle trying to resist a tobacco craving.
  7. Remember the benefits of quitting. Identify why you chose to quit in the first place. It also helps to make a list of the reasons of why you wanted to stop smoking and useful tips on how to resist tobacco cravings.
  8. Go online. There are many tobacco cessation programs available online as well as blogs and posts that are encouraging or insightful. This allows you to learn how others have quit using tobacco or how they resist their cravings.
  9. Try nicotine replacements. Contact your primary care physician if you are looking for a nicotine replacement therapy. Some types are available over the counter and others require a prescription.
  10. Chew on it. Try eating something with a crunch or chewing on a piece of gum to help fight your tobacco craving.
Recognize that there are tobacco cessation programs available for all employees as well as useful tips located on
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