Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Opportunity for educator involvement for the Formative Digital Library

From: Jennifer Teasdale, DPI Education Program Specialist Office of Student Assessment

Smarter is looking for Additional K-12 and Higher Education educator involvement for the Formative Digital Library. At this juncture, we are looking to fill a database of educators interested in participating in the Formative Digital Library. For any number of reasons, individuals may need to withdraw from the group and need to be replaced. We will be pulling replacement educators from this database to partake in the event that someone must vacate their position.

This is an opportunity to lead the future grade and content formative assessment efforts within Wisconsin and the Smarter Consortium. Network members will connect with colleagues in common grade levels, content areas, and experts throughout the Smarter Balanced states, and with educators across our own state, to continue state efforts to help educators transition to CCSS and implement effective classroom instruction with formative assessment practices.

Each state in the consortium will identify a network of educators. Approximately 92 Wisconsin K-12 and higher education educators will have the opportunity to be part of a Wisconsin State Formative Network of educators that will identify and recommend resources for the Digital Library and disseminate web-based educator training to Wisconsin educators.

The information that follows is based on information currently available and may change as the project progresses.

• This project is expected to last two years.
• Each member will be involved in feedback cycles with a 5-10 day turnaround between the request and the feedback between January and August 2013
• There will be five web-based trainings between August 2013 and June 2014
• After each training session, each member is expected to identify and recommend an upload of at least one additional resource for the Digital Library
• All work is expected to be outside of the regular work schedule
• The Contractor for the project will contract with the educators and pay a stipend
• The stipend for full participation is estimated to be approximately $1300- $1500

Please forward this information to those interested in and qualified to participate in any of these activities. More information about the opportunities and the Educator Involvement Application are available at Interested educators should complete the Educator Involvement Application and submit it to the Office of Student Assessment by the middle of July.

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