Monday, July 23, 2012

High School Kitchen Dishwasher Upgrade

Building and Grounds Committee approved new a new dishwasher that is a high capacity commercial unit that will be fully installed. It is to replace the conveyor type washer that we have now.

Just some history; the good old dishwasher unit was installed in 1964 with a possible update done in 1968, that is only judging on the manuals that we have. The old dishwasher has performed well past a normal lifespan. Over the last few years it has been breaking down more often and parts are getting hard to find. There were two days in the last school year when it did not work at all. We hate to see the old dishwasher go as it has served us well for almost 50 years, but like all equipment, at some point it just needs to be replaced.

Food Service fact; we serve approximately 200 for breakfast and 900 for lunch on every normal school day. In addition, over the last years we continue to serve meals during our 45 days of summer school. We need to thank our food service staff for their hard work as every day they turn out a quality product with very low costs to the students of our district. One last item, the costs for both breakfast and lunch will remain the same price for the upcoming school year as this past year. No increase - another reason to thank our cooks!

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  1. Be sure to carefully consider your school's capacity and needs before buying another commercial dishwasher. What style dishwasher you need, whether you want a high-temp or low-temp unit, how many dishes will you wash per day, etc. Here's a blog with some info about all the different kinds of commercial dishwashers to help you decide: